Wednesday, August 9, 2017

El Desembarco (The Disembarkment) A Documented Painting Process

El Desembarco (The Disembarkment) (2017) Oil on canvas 60" x 38" 

Today Im going to do something different for this blog entry. Instead of discussing my concepts, sources and research, I'll rely more on visuals and share with you my documented painting process for a recent painting I just completed, titled El Desembarco (The Disembarkment). This piece is inspired after historical depictions of  the Spanish Conquest and American Manifest Destiny. Im also incorporating within the composition some personal narratives, pop culture references and other contemporary elements. These are some of the preliminary sketches I worked on before starting to paint.  The short video shows how the painting started, changed. and gradually evolved tilll conmpletion. The idea for this painting has been haunting me since 2016. The painting itself took me about a month to execute but the ideas, research and drawings took me about a year and went through many changes.

I always make as many preliminary sketches as possible before I start to paint. These are just a few...

These last two pages of my journal were drawn recently while whorking on the painting. Sometimes I tend to go back and review my sources and do some more studies. 

 And here's a very short video summarising a month's work on this painting. Enjoy and please share!

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