Monday, October 10, 2011

New website ,studio and gallery representation

Hi everyone! Its been a while since my last post. A lot of things have happened since then and I thought it was about time to get back to blogging which I miss doing. I have been busy with new projects in a new studio located in Savannah, Georgia where I know live. All the recent changes in my life have been quite positive and have inspired new thoughts in my creative process as a painter. The new studio I now work in has excellent north lighting and great working space. I am already painting a lot more here.  I should also take the opportunity to announce I now have new gallery representation at Jane Sauer gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jane Sauer Gallery is a highly active and professional art gallery with an excellent reputation that has offered me an opportunity to show my work in NM and I am very grateful for that.  

Tree of choices (2011) Oil and metal leaf on canvas 
36" x 36" work available at Jane Sauer Gallery

As for my new website, my wife helped me a lot with that and you can  now visit it at  
I will be posting more information on these new projects I am working, previews of new work as well as of future shows and specific paintings I have worked on this art journal. Please feel free to comment,  or post any question or suggestion you might have. I am currently very active working in my new studio, reason why I have been away from this blog and even Facebook. But I'm back and hope to be sharing my reflections and artwork with you through this media once more. So until next time, have a wonderful week and look forward to my future posts!