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Starting the year with new work at Art Palm Beach 2013

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Hope you all had a good start with this new year that's full of creative possibilities. I See much potential in the year ahead and as a matter of fact started drawing  a whole lot on my new journal and getting ready for all the exciting art projects I have ahead for this year. Next weekend (Jan 25-27) I'll be at Art Palm Beach, Fl, with Jane Sauer Gallery showing some of my most recent work.  
The Divine Wheel of the New World Order 
 Oil and metal leaf on panel 41" x 30" 
By Patrick McGrath Muñiz

One of the pieces I will be showing at the art fair is titled "The Divine Wheel of the New World Order. This is a a mobile piece consisting of three painted discs depicting Colonial Latin American Religious Icons along with contemporary objects and symbols that stand for different Neo-Colonial issues. On the pinnacle we encounter a representation of a divine figure derived from colonial representations of the Holy Trinity. A three faced male deity holds a triangular diagram that illustrates the nature of this New World Order.  This is modeled after the traditional Christian symbol of the “Shield of the Trinity” or Scutum Fidei” Diagram. In this occasion, instead of containing the titles of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Latin, these have been replaced by the titles in Latin that stand for “Government” “Corporation” and “Bank”, the worldly rulers of the globalized economy.   
  The Divine Wheel of the New World Order (detail)
On the central disk there is a Madonna and Child holding the Earth and with the inscriptions of the Great Seal of the United States that read “Annuit Coeptis” (He favors our undertakings) and “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (New World Order).  The female figures on the four corners of the composition represent the Mass Media with TV viewers, Radio listeners, Web Users and printed press readers. By rotating the disks one can combine and match different icons with each other creating distinct archetypal correspondences between astrological angels, Catholic saints and their contemporary symbols. 

The Divine Wheel of the New World Order (detail)

The following is a legend to understand the meaning behind each character depicted:

1. Mother Mary and Child Jesus stand for our own relationship to the world.
2. Cupid with bow and arrow, with the astrological signs of Aries and Mars, the masculine principle
3. An angel with hand in heart, holding a bird and with the signs of Taurus and Venus, the feminine principle
4. The twin musician angels (Gemini/Mercury) the principle of communication.
5. The caretaker angel protecting a small rabbit (Cancer/Moon) the principle of home and nurturing.
6. The inspired Apollonian Angel  (Leo/Sun) the principle of inspiration, art and creativity
7. An angel holding a single shaft of wheat (Virgo/Ceres) the principles of food, health and service
8. An angel holding scales and bearing a sword (Libra/Juno) the principles of justice, balance and harmony
9. A Satyr showing a bunch of grapes (Scorpio/Pluto) the principles of lust, pleasures and instincts
10. A travelling angel holding a palm branch (Sagittarius/Jupiter)  the principles of migration and education
11. The kneeling angel with hourglass ( Capricorn/Saturn) the principles of power, patience and hard work
12. A water carrier angel bearing a torch (Acuarius/Uranus) the principles of hope, liberty and change
13. An angel holding a starfish (Piscis/Neptune) the principle of peace, meditation and spiritual bliss
14. Saint James the Apostle with M-16 and gas tank (Militarization) “Conquistamos” (We conquer)
15. San Isidro Labrador with gas mask and pest control spray (Agricultural production) “Cultivamos” (We Cultivate)
16. Santo Niño de Atocha with Satellite Dish and Smart phone (Communications) “Comunicamos” (We Communicate)
17. Saint Martin de Porres with broom and dustpan (House maintenance)  “Mantenemos” (We Maintain)
18. San Juan Diego with Mickey Image and paint brush (Image creation and Disneyfication) “ Recreamos” (We recreate)
19. San Roque with apple tree branch and fast food meal (Food and services) “Servimos” ( We Serve)
20. Saint Michael with camera and light set (Idealism and Hollywoodization) “Idealizamos” (We Idealize)
21. Saint Francis of Assisi  with credit card and piggy bank (Economy and Ecology) “ Economizamos” (We economize)
22. Saint Christopher with transit sign and car keys (Migration and transportation) “Migramos” (We Migrate)
23. Saint Sebastian blindfolded and tied to flagpole ( Blind Patriotism and sacrifice) “ Sacrificamos” (We sacrifice)
24. Saint Barbara with loudspeaker and Occupy sign (Social activism) “Liberamos” (We Liberate)
25. Saint Lucy with gallon of water and water tap ( Privatization of Resources) “ Privatizamos” (We privatize)
26. Allegory to the Web surfer searching the web & Inscription that reads: “Creo lo que encuentro” (I Believe what I find)
27. Allegory to the TV Audience changing channels with inscription that reads: “ Creo lo que veo” (I believe what I watch)
28. Allegory to the printed press reader with inscription that reads: “Creo lo que leo” (I believe what I read)
29. Allegory to the radio Audience with inscription that reads “Creo lo que oigo” ( I believe what I listen to)
30. The Neo-Colonial godhead trinity (Government, Corporation and Holy Bank)

This and other of my recent pieces will be on display at Art Palm Beach from Friday January 24th to Monday January 28th 2013. The fair hours are from 12 PM to 7 PM.  Art Palm Beach is held at the Palm Beach Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Blvd. West Palm Beach, Florida, 33401. Im currently represented by Jane Sauer Gallery, which will be in Booth 417. Click here for map. For more information on the gallery and to see more of my work and  from other artists represented by Jane Sauer visit the gallery's website.
I hope to be at the fair in person on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th. If you happen to be in the area try not to miss this event. Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon :-)

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