Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saints, Heroes and Corporations

Saints Heroes and Corporations is the title for my upcoming solo show at Jane Sauer Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico. In this exhibition I will be presenting 18 pieces most of them created in 2012. As the title suggests the work is about "larger than life" historical and contemporary figures including Corporations that under the U.S. fourteenth amendment enjoy special "personhood" rights.

"Disneyfication of a hero" (2010) Oil on canvas 38" x 52"

There is a modern "mythos" that pervades the concept of corporate personhood. It is not uncommon to hear politicians today refer to corporations as "job-creators" as if they were heavenly savior figures that should be cherished and revered by all. They are the untouchables, above the rest of us, enjoying special privileges in the globalized economic arena and the shady political pantheon. In my view one can rightfully argue that a corporation projects itself as a sacred icon of the global economy, above and beyond  mere "personhood", much like a saint or hero. 

"Spraying Global Occupation" (2011) Oil and goldleaf on carved wood triptych 18" x 25"

In these recent retablo triptych paintings and canvasses I have recreated narratives where modern-day corporations spread their neo-colonial myths and doctrines across the globe. In this consumer/mass-media based world, mythic heroes, saints, Madonnas and monsters thrive and respond to our current global dilemmas. Since my thesis project Iconsumer, I have gradually added more icons and symbolic layers to my paintings, from saints, to historical figures to pagan deities, to astrological and Tarot imagery but always focused on the prevalent archetypal figures present from colonial to Neo-colonial times.

"Prometheus, the awakener returns" (2012) Oil on Canvas 36" x 57"

Saints, Heroes and Corporations will be held at Jane Sauer Gallery from May 25 to June 19 2012. The opening reception will be Friday, May 25 from 5 to 7 pm. I will be present at the opening and if you happen to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico I hope to see you there. For more information on the show and Jane Sauer Gallery visit  the Jane Sauer Gallery website. All the images of the work at the exhibition will be available at the gallery website on May 25. 

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