Monday, March 12, 2012

"Personajes en el Muro" upcoming group show in Germany

 541 after the birth of the great master Albrecht Durer in Nuremberg, Germany, ten Latin American artists, mostly Guatemalan come to exhibit their work and continue the legacy of narrative painting at Galerie Arauco in Nuremberg. The title of the exibition is “Personajes en el Muro” (Characters on the Wall). Coming from different backgrounds but sharing the common geography of Central America these artists display their work in different 2-D media and inspired by the universal custom of telling stories. The artists participating are: 

Akbal Rodríguez (Guatemala)

Alexis Rojas (Guatemala)

Arturo Monroy (Guatemala)

Carlos Chávez (Guatemala)

Erick González (Guatemala)

Francisco Auyon (Guatemala)

Guillermo Maldonado (Guatemala)

Juan Francisco Yoc (Guatemala)

Julio Morán (Guatemala)

Ricardo Clement (Mexico)

Patrick McGrath (Puerto Rico)

Like the old Latinamerican and universal customs of telling stories, the show “Personajes en el Muro” represents that intimate language that occurs between the spectator and the work of art, where every character becomes a storyteller.

Hombre Pajaro - Guillermo Maldonado

In this international group show curated by my friend and artist Julio Morán, I will be showing two paintings: Arcana 21 (2010) Oil on canvas 18” x 24” and Transgraces (2010) Oil and metal leaf on panel 15” x 21”.

Arcana 21- Patrick McGrath

This show will be held at Galerie ARAUCO from March 16th 2012 until May 11th 2012
There will be live concert of Latin American music at the opening.

For more information and to see more of the work that will be on display by the artists you may visit the gallery website at:
Galerie ARAUCO
Trödelmarkt 13
90403 Nürnberg, Germany
Phone : +49 (0)911 244 82 57

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